Illinois Workers Compensation

For businesses throughout Illinois, workers compensation insurance is required by law. Handzel & Associates can pair you with an affordable policy that meets your needs.

Every business is responsible for the safety and security of its employees. With Illinois workers compensation insurance from Handzel & Associates, you can make sure that your employees will be covered in the face of a crisis.

Every state has its own laws and requirements regarding these policies. Thankfully, our agents are well versed in the Illinois workers compensation laws. We will walk you through the steps of getting your business workers compensation that will cover:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages and income
  • Rehabilitation
  • Death Benefits
  • And more

Providing these coverages for your employees with Illinois workers compensation will provide many benefits to your business as well. With the above coverages, a workers compensation policy will work wonders in ensuring that your employees are healthy and happy. More than this, though, a healthy and happy worker will be more productive, and will provide more value to your business.

So, ask yourself: do you want your business to have healthier, more productive workers? If so, consider speaking to a Handzel & Associates representative about getting a Illinois workers compensation package.