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Have you ever wondered about the history behind your home? There may be some fascinating discoveries you could make, which may also help in selling your home. However, if you do decided to relocate, will you have the right coverage? It is important to make sure your property and family have the proper protection so you don’t have to live in fear of the unpredictable.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Brent Stevens and his wife purchased an 1840s-era home in Constantine, Mich., in 1999. Stevens loves history, and is currently looking into the story behind his residence to see if the home was indeed a stop for the Underground Railroad. Although he has no intention of selling, this story adds a layer of history to the property, which does translate financially.

“I’m a salesman,” Stevens says. “Probably the biggest reason people buy whatever they’re buying is there’s a story attached. People love stories. … This house has a tunnel, it’s from the Underground Railroad. They hear that and it gets them thinking about living in that space or whatever.”

Researching the history of your home can offer financial benefits, whether you uncover a historically significant fact, as Stevens did, or whether you’re tracking the work that has been done on the property. The more you know, the better off you are, because the right fact can become a key selling point.

To start—there are two ways to define a home’s “history.” There is the truly historical, and then there is the house’s unique history, the record of a home’s owners and occupants, its importance in the community, and the changes it has undergone over time.

Some homes come with their contributions to history already documented. For others, you have to dig. The local library and historical society are good places to start. Also, microfilm copies of old newspapers can be searched. Another source of information is neighbors. Once you know your house’s history and collect those kinds of stories, you can put it all together into a book to preserve the memories and perhaps make a profit once you sell!

At Handzel & Associates, we believe unlocking historical facts about your residence is a good way to have a competitive edge if you are looking to sell. In addition, by understanding the memories and events that have occurred at your residence long ago, you can think about your own. What if one day, your story was ruined due to a disaster? We don’t want this to happen, which is why we can offer you our affordable homeowners insurance Illinois loves!

We understand how confusing it can be to find the right insurance solution. But this is why our agents are here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect policy that will benefit your family the most. Whether you need coverage for your personal possessions, the structure of your home, liability, and more, we have these options available. So rather than worrying about what the future holds, preserve all that you love with our homeowners insurance in Illinois!


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